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Hotel in Alicante

Alicante, Spain

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Hotel Rural is designed specifically for recreation of athletes. After each workout, the day will enjoy all the amenities needed for recreation, leisure and recreation, such as our gourmet restaurant, piano bar area, gym and physiotherapy room, lounge with fireplace and patio in the open air. All rooms have private bathroom, heating, air conditioning, Wi-Fi and telephone. In rare cases, you will find a biker's home created by lovers of this sport. Away from the massive commercial concepts, the hotel's clients find a kind of spiritual shelter between the mountains with the Podiumberg H & B. In our center, time stops, thereby eliminating the stress of everyday life. It is common knowledge that the partnership created between our athletes and workers. In Podiumberg B & H share the same passions, taking care of every detail: excursions of beautiful routes, the comfort of our facilities, delicious and healthy food, atmosphere and relaxation, medical care, organization. Everything is designed so that you enjoy maximum sports during your stay in our center. 1. - Geographical situation: We are located in one of the most mountainous areas of the Spanish Levante with a height that goes from the crystalline bays of Costa Blanca to 1. 558 ms of the Sierra de Aitana. With numerous mountain passes, we can find routes for all difficulty levels, from the 4th category to the special category, having the opportunity to combine technical training with pleasant days dedicated to enjoying the scenery. Our programmed routes include a variety of alternatives, from coastal routes with sea views to various points of tourist and cultural interest. (See Routes) 2. - The climate The Mediterranean climate is continental. At an average temperature of 18ºC and more than 330 sunny days a year, we are in a privileged climate for outdoor sports. You will enjoy your favorite sport and carry out your workouts, interrupted throughout the year. 3. - Safety on the roads: While high traffic from other well-known training sites may pose an additional danger during training, our selected planned routes have extensive routes with scant encounters on the car. 4. - International connection: Alicante International Airport is less than 2 hours drive from major European airports, with the best prices and the largest influx of international flights to Spain. We also have the proximity of Manises airport, as well as the railway stations of the cities of Alicante and Valencia, both with high-speed train (AVE). 5. - Our facilities: As an alternative to large hotel centers, we have developed a charming rural hotel, inspired by sports tourism, with the best family treatment of our professional team since the collection of our clients at the airport. Designed for small, professional or amateur teams, we have 14 double rooms with private toilet, telephone, internet, heating and air conditioning, overlooking the countryside and the mountains. Our restaurant is inspired by traditional home cooking, choosing the best fresh ingredients and offering a variety of dishes. You will enjoy the benefits and pleasure of a Mediterranean diet during your stay. In addition to the restaurant's services, you can enjoy a bar, coffee tasting, tea, natural fruit juices, beer, wines and tapas. Other additional areas of our hotel will also be available, such as a gym and physiotherapy room, a library and lounges equipped with a traditional wood-burning fireplace .


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